FT5000C Extractive CEM and Ambient Air Analyzers

The Cerex FT5000C and FT5000CRM are multi-gas FTIR analyzers suitable for continuous emissions monitoring, process monitoring, RATA, Quad J and Quad Z compliance monitoring, and ambient air monitoring applications.


Features a wall mount NEMA enclosure and thermo-electric air conditioning for outdoor or indoor operation. Optional hazardous location hardware allows operation in Class 1 Division 2 Groups A-D areas.


Features a rack mount, air cooled enclosure suitable for installation in temperature controlled cabinets, mobile laboratories, laboratory benchtops and intermittent portable stack testing.

All models are available with heated sample cells and heated sample tube controllers for Hot and Wet operation.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

FT5000C and FT5000CRM models meet regulatory criteria for compliance monitoring under:

  • USEPA Method 318: Extractive FTIR Method for Measurement of Emissions from Mineral Wool and Wool Fiberglass Industries
  • USEPA Performance Specification 15 for Extractive FTIR CEMS in Stationary Sources
  • USEPA Method 320: Vapor Phase Organic and Inorganic Emissions by FTIR
  • USEPA Method 321: Determination of HCl for Portland Cement Industries
  • NIOSH Method 3800 : Organic and Inorganic Gases by Extractive FTIR Spectrometry
  • ASTM Method D6348-03: Determination of Gaseous Compounds by Extractive Direct Interface Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy


Cerex FT5000C Extractive Stack Analyzer and Ambient Air Analyzer

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