Our Mission

To provide simple, effective, off the shelf and customized gas analysis systems for industry, government and the community

Why Us?

Trusted internationally

Our products have been trusted all over the world by internationally recognized companies, government regulatory bodies, and communities – including the United Nations, the US EPA, the US Department of Energy.

Throughout 6 continents, we provide and support equipment for major companies in various manufacturing industries to ensure the safety of their surrounding communities and compliance with legal regulation.

Products defined by years of operator feedback

Cerex’s roots began in 1994 when our company founder developed the first commercially produced open-path FTIR remote sensing system (the Cerex Air Sentry FTIR).

In the years following, we added UV-DOAS technology gas analyzers to expand product offerings and further serve clients for a variety of standard and custom applications.

Decades of experience in research and development

Cerex’s engineering staff utilizes decades of experience to develop and manufacture analyzers for seamless integration into existing systems.

Combining technologies such as Broadband Infrared, Ultraviolet, or Tunable Diode Laser, with detection levels ranging from the parts-per-trillion to percent, gives our clients the flexibility to detect hundreds of compounds in a variety of applications.

The result: analyzers that are proven to be consistently reliable, accurate, and effective. Cerex’s analyzers create a more effective solution than other methods (such as electrochemical monitors).

Unmatched software and data-driven technology

In comparison to black box solutions, Cerex’s proprietary software collects readings every 5-30 seconds and archives raw spectrographic information for up to 1 year, allowing additional analysis of the presence of gases after the fact. This technology has been pivotal as defensible evidence in legal procedures.

Cerex systems have the unique capability to perform multi-component analysis within a single instrument

We are committed to excellence in quality assurance and customer satisfaction

Since our beginnings over a decade ago, we continue to support each and every piece of equipment ever sold.

Every Cerex system is guaranteed to perform, and we are here to ensure the continued success of your gas monitoring program. We maintain inventory to allow us to quickly service existing fielded products, such as the AirSentry (FTIR), UV Sentry, and UV Hound products.

We welcome your inquiries about our existing products, and how they might meet your monitoring challenges.

What We Offer

Lifetime Support for Every Product

Custom Engineered Solutions

Performance Guaranteed

Software Implementation & Training

Our customized products can meet your gas detection needs

Our engineers have decades of experience in creating custom solutions to meet your monitoring challenges.
Contact us today to explore solutions for your air or process monitoring project.