SO2 Analyzers Engineered for FGD (DeSOx) Process Control

Cerex manufactures installation specific sulfur dioxide monitoring systems for flue gas desulfurization process applications. Using UVDOAS technology, our insitu UV3000P analyzer offers linear SO2 detection performance across wide dynamic ranges required in DeSOx applications without the need for sample dilution systems. For applications requiring sample extraction, the Cerex UV3000C model offers the same wide dynamic range and linear detection performance. All models offer automation of quality assurance auditing.

Advantages of Cerex UVDOAS for Sulfur Dioxide Monitoring

Cerex UVDOAS offers fast acquisition cycles, is immune to water vapor interference, and there is no interference from common gases due to fluorescence.

Insitu FGD Monitoring Applications:


The UV3000P mounts directly to the flue. A corrosion resistant probe sized for the specific application is inserted directly into the flue gas stream. Cerex insitu probes are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, and may be removed for service without removal of the analyzer. Filters are field replaceable.

Extractive FGD Monitoring Applications:


The UV3000C is available in rack mount or NEMA enclosure configurations. Both designs use a fiber coupled gas sample cell engineered for the specific dynamic range required.